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John& Fran Deem - 1941 Ford. This Car Was Built In Memory Of My Dad When I Was 8 Years Old. My Dad Would Race Everyone In Town. I Would Stand In Back Of The Front Seat And Look On. I Always Wanted One. So When I Got The Chance I Did. I Bought The 41 And Startsd Work On It. The Car Has A Flahead That Is Basically Stock. I Put A Walker Radiator, Clutch Preasure Plate, Trow Out Bearingm New Red Headers, Smitty Glass Packs, New Tail Pipes,, New 354 Gears, It Originaly Had 378, New Rings/ Pistons, Coker White Walls,New Wheels. I Had The Steering Wheel Cracks Filled Filled And Painted. This Car Is A lot Of Fun To Drive. Makes me Think A Lot Of My Dad And I am sure he Is looking At It Now. I Miss Him.