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DANNIE HOFFER SR. I Live in North Judson, Indiana This is a 1952 CHEVY 2 Door Hard Top; Belair Custom Deluxe, Power Guide It has a LT-1 Corvette Motor 350 C.I. With 375 Horse, It has the Corvette 4 Speed Automatic Transmission. The Interior is Red and White Leather. I am a slow driver and when people pass me they give me the Thumbs up ( I THINK ) or maybe they are giving me the BIRD because I am in their way. This car was in my dad's barn for 33 years. He raised close to 200 chickens and a dozen Pea Cocks and a 100 goats. He made a roost out of boards over the top of the car for the Chickens and Pea Cocks to roost on at night so the wild animals couldn't get to them. The goats would climb on the roof and the roof was caved in from all of the weight on it at one time. The wind shield was broken out and the interior was rat and mice infected. The car had 10 inches of chicken manure all over it when we pulled it out of the barn. The car was a total disaster when it was given to me. When we pulled it down the road with the wrecker; you couldn't see behind the car from all of the dust and manure coming off of it. It took 6 1/2 years to get it back to the shape it is in now. All of the Chrome on the car was what was on the car. I just had it re chromed. The car was a Salmon Color with a White Top when we started on it. I started on the car in Oct. 2000 and it was done June 9th 2007. I drive it to all car shows and to where ever I want. I try to take in 2 Car Shows every weekend. I love showing my car and talking to people about it. I am so glad I was able to bring it back to life. I have won a lot of trophies and 5 Best of Shows since June of 2007. Thank You for looking at my car.