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This is a 1980 Chevrolet Citation X-11 Notchback. The "Notchback" was only produced in 1980 and 1981. It was purchased new by my father in June of 1980. The original two-tone was Silver/Black but I decided to go outside the box and change the two-tone scheme a little. It's not extremely fast by today's standards but it held it's own during its era - at least for a six cylinder front wheel drive. I'll admit that it isn't as glamorous as most but it is unique as I'll venture to guess that you don't see too many of them on the road today. It's been a 13 month project, the latest being the second repaint just this past winter. The car came from the factory with a 2.8L 173 C.I.D. 115 hp engine, mounted onto a Muncie 4 speed tansmission with a 3.34 axle, and yields 145 pounds foot of torque. The body was set on a F41 suspension. The engine, body, and interior was restored, mostly by me. Granted, I could have just wrote a check for a new Mustang Saleen, or a car that was already complete, but what's the fun of doing that? Ownership of a past era car goes far beyond the ability to just buy one - it's the emotional connection and remembrance of the past that makes it special. That connection is intensified when your own blood and sweat go into bringing it back to life. Do some people laugh at the car? Some do, some have never heard of it, but most appreciate it's uniqueness, and the effort that I put into it.